A bright orange chicken pillow sits atop a yellow bicycle buried in three feet of Canadian snow.
Chicki's Photo Contest
the winner revealed

Thank you everyone for all your great photo submissions to my photo contest! I was truly inspired and overwhelmed so it was quite a hard decision. The photo I chose, though, was one that spoke to me. I was drawn in initially by the quaint view down a street I know well, but then a story grasped my heart. I saw two bikes leaning close together in a comfortable way that comes from having spent a long time riding through life together. I saw these bikes having seen each other through sunny days and rainy days, over smooth pavement and cracked sidewalks. From the first shy turn of the pedal, they knew they were meant for one another. These bikes are an inspiring set of companions to me.

Thank you Casey for submitting this photo and congratulations on winning our photo contest! And of course we would like to thank Bikes on Mass Ave, Indianapolis' own full-service urban cyclery, for sponsoring this contest and the great prize package for Casey.

Two bikes cuddle up and look down Mass Ave on a quiet afternoon.

You can still see all the interesting bike photos we recieved on the Untold Indy Facebook page. Now, we could only have one winner, but each photo submitted has recieved a caption award. Check out the descriptions on the Facebook Album to see what we awarded each picture.

Our Super Duper Prize Package sponsored by Bikes on Mass Ave posed in front of a rear bike tire.
Can you feel the love?