Agent R's Secret Mission

Agent R is a covert operative with a unique mission: infiltrate, obtain items from a top-secret list, and then return to base. The only problem? He hasn't been provided with the transport he expected...

An Epic Whim Media production for Untold Indy. Thanks for watching!

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Directed by Thomas Fraley and David Atwell
Produced and Written by Natalie Atwell
Agent R: Ransom Pugh
Agent N: Nadia Fraley
Gadget Guy: David Atwell
Kirk: Kirk Ralston
Andy: Andrew Waltz
Director of Photography: Thomas Fraley
Location provided by: Kirk Ralston
Post-Production: Epic Whim Media (www.epicwhim.com)
Music: Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com)
Interns: James Atwell, David Fraley

Special thanks to:
Bikes on Mass Ave (www.bikesonmassave.com)

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