The Big Picture
The World Premiere

A disgruntled, detail-oriented teacher learns to see life in a new light when he breaks his glasses in the world premiere of this thoughtful film by Untold Indy's image capturist and videographer, Thomas Fraley.

Director: Thomas Fraley

Robert: Ransom Pugh
Tess: Joy Shehane
Georgia: Evie Harrison

First Assistant Director: David Atwell
Sound: David Atwell and Brandon Brungard
Slate/Script: Natalie Atwell
Production Assistants: Nadia Fraley, Joel Bergman, David Fraley
Original Music by: Keaton Cloherty and John Sandvig
Post-production: Epic Whim Media
Story: Thomas Fraley and Zoe Erler

Filmed on location at Heritage Christian School and Flatwater Cafe, Indianapolis, IN
Special thanks to Brenda Klingerman, C. Thomas Lewis, Ed Ingle, Martin Hall PT Dept., David Shehane, and Darin Johnson

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