Looking down at three carved pumpkins surrounded by candles.
Pumpkin Stencils
for your geeky Halloween

Happy Halloween to all of you from Untold Indy. In this festive season, we decided to help you decorate with class by providing some geeky pumpkin stencils! Now you can have your very own arc reactor pumpkin in your best Tony Stark style or proudly bear the Skyward Sword Crest outside your door this fall so everyone on your block will recognize you for the true Zelda fan you are. Don't be afraid if you are a novice pumpkin carver, we have provided simple steps to carving the perfect pumpkin.

These designs come from master designer, Rachael Thomas. You can find more of her awesome work here where she sells some great t-shirts, phone cases and more.

Step One: Pick a Design
We have provided two lovely designs for you today. Click the links to download pdfs that you can resize if you need to and print out to trace onto your pumpkin.

Tony Starks Arc Reactor

Zelda Skyward Sword Crest

Step Two: Trace the Design
Before you get to this step, we are assuming that you have already obtained a pumpkin, cut out a lid and scooped the guts out. If you have not, Quick, go now! Once you have prepared the pumpkin, tape your print out to your pumpkin where you wish to carve the design. (This is the point that it also helps to have one of those nifty sets of pumpkin tools you can find at the store, but you can probably make due if you don't have one.) Take your poking tool (or a toothpick) and poke holes around the design to trace it onto your pumpkin.

Step Three: Carve
Once you have finished poking your pumpkin, carfully remove your print out and keep it nearby for reference. Now take a small carving knife and follow your pokes to cut out the design. Depending on the intricacy and scale you have picked, this can be a delicate process.

Step Four: Light and Enjoy
Congratulations! You have now carved yourself a pretty awesome pumpkin. Place a small candle inside your pumpkin, light it, set the pumpkin on your doorstep and enjoy your pumpkin prowess.

A spooky Arc Reactor pumpkin in the leaves.
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