A small painted square with a heart lays in the grass.
and thank you

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
Of cabbages—and kings—"

-Lewis Carroll

Hello friends in Indianapolis and beyond. Today is a bit of a somber day for us because today is the day that we retire Untold Indy. Now this is not due to lack of love, encouragement or success because we have been showered with all of those things and we thank everyone who has supported us. We’re simply afraid that the time has come. We have thoroughly enjoyed the past nine months of adventure and discovery. We’ve lived inside a food truck for day, uncovered Indy’s 150 year love-affair with the bicycle, visited every brewery bathroom in the city, met an Olympian, helped grow a garden and much, much more all to share interesting stories with you. What better job is there than that?

We will most definitely miss you, loyal fans, and we want to let you know that if Tuesday night rolls around and you begin to miss us, too, the Untold Indy site will stay live along with all of our archives. So, in some ways, this is not a complete goodbye.

Now, we hope above all that you will not believe for a moment that we are stopping because there are no more interesting stories out there. There are an endless number of interesting stories; more than we could tell in ten lifetimes. Everyone has a story. You, dear friend, have a story and so does your neighbor, co-worker, passer-by on the sidewalk. We challenge every one of you to pay attention and seek out the stories all around. Find them. Join them. Create them.

Goodbye Indianapolis and thank you. For everything.

Love Always,

Untold Indy

The Staff and friends of Untold Indy raise their glasses of champagne at our launch party.
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