Painted squares with stamped letters lying on the sidewalk spell out the words Thank You.
Untold Indy
about the magazine

Everyone has a story. They arenít always newsworthy or part of the latest trend, but they are interesting. Not everyone thinks ordinary life is worth writing about, but we arenít among them. We see beauty and depth out there and we are curious. We are curious about why Carl Leck painted a green catfish on the Canal, what is it like to work in the Conrad kitchen for a day, how do you turn left in a bike lane, and many other details of life in our city. So to satisfy our curiosity and perhaps yours, we are here to tell the untold stories.

Natalie Atwell
The Editor
Stories have always been an integral part of Natalie, who practically grew up in her local library. She was also always the kid who asked why. Now she is a writer who still asks why and thrives off stories. In her free time, Natalie loves to bake.
Natalie peaks playfully over the top of a Grimm's Fairy Tales book with her trusty Leo the Laundry Lion.
Abby Lietz
Staff Writer
Abby is a lover of people, words, food, traveling, the outdoors, dancing, and much more. Sheís written for the United States Forest Service and is looking forward to beginning her full-time English teaching career soon at a school near you!
Natalie peaks playfully over the top of a Grimm's Fairy Tales book with her trusty Leo the Laundry Lion.
Nadia Fraley
Art Director
Nadia is an accomplished jewelry maker, sketcher, chef, photographer, homemaker, flower arranger, hair stylist, and much more. We know that we can give Nadia any project and she will make it beautiful.
Nadia is sitting on the sidewalk creating a chalk masterpiece while holding a hamburger bun waiting for a hamburger to be insterted.
Thomas Fraley
Image Capturist
Thomas has captured lots of cool images all around in the world working as a freelance videographer. However, Indy also has some cool stuff right here in his backyard and Thomas wants to capture it, too.
Thomas' face is obscured by bonoculars in this photo as he searches out new images to capture.
Rachael Thomas
Marketing Director
A soon-to-be graduate of IUPUI, Rachael excels at making design and business function hand-in-hand and deep down she just likes to make things look pretty. Her first love is pasta and she knows way too many pop culture references.
Studious Rachael holds her glasses and looks out towards the viewer.
David Atwell
Lead Web Producer
David has been programming websites since he taught himself HTML in the heady years of the mid-1990s. Since then heís gained many accomplishments including founding Zoettrope.com, introducing fifteen people to the British Sci-Fi sensation Doctor Who, and marrying The Untold Indy Editor.
David found a Superman cape and has struck a heroic pose.